is it too late to wrap myself up like a baby and drop myself off on a billionaire’s doorstep 

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I keep thinking oh man, I’m so immature. How am I allowed to be an adult.

Then I spend time with teenagers.

And it’s like, wow, okay, yeah. I am an adult. I am so adult. Look at me adulting all over the place.

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im sorry… … i got some bad news… … . drinking tea doesn’t make you anymore intelligent or cultural. i know. take your time.

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He looks like a sexy jesus

He looks like a sexy jesus

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i need a paid break from life

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Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you.

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Feeling very insignificant right now. Happy birthday to me.